Trade Claims

If you have been in business with a customer who is in distress, in receivership or bankruptcy, the outstanding obligation of the debtor will have an unsecured status in bankruptcy. In simple terms, this means that any secured obligation of the distressed business will have priority - and therefore be paid - before the unsecured ones. 

Selling Bankruptcy Trade Claims

Bankruptcy proceedings and reorganisations can be time-consuming in there will be great uncertainty on when and how much you as an unsecured creditor will end up with. 

By selling claims on distressed companies, you as a creditor will eliminate uncertainty and monetize your claim right away. This relieves you of having to wait for the receiver of the estate to sell of any assets and repay creditors. 

Trade Claim Buyers

J. Navy is a specialist in distressed assets and bankruptcy claims. We help you understand the claim and bankruptcy process. ​J. Navy operates in full transparency to help you understand your options and estimate the likely recovery and timing of payments.  

We will offer to price for the claim and prompt payment if you decide to sell. 

Contact us to value your claim. 


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